The Type Of Forged And Features

When the temperature is more than 300-400 (blue brittleness of steel areas), reached 700-800 ℃, the deformation resistance will be sharply reduced, distortion can also be significantly improved. According to the different temperature zones are forging, forging quality and technological requirements of different cold forging, warm forging, hot-forging can be divided into three temperature zones. This temperature regions there is no strict limit, generally speaking, called in the recrystallization temperature of forging forging, forged cold without heating in room temperature. Cold forging, forgings dimensions has changed a little. 700 ℃ the following forged, less oxidation skin formation and surface decarbonization phenomena. Therefore, as long as deformation in the context of forming, cold forged easy to get very good dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Control of temperature cooling and lubrication, 700 c following warm forging can also achieve good accuracy. When hot-wrought, are very small due to deformation and deformation resistance, shape complex forging forgings.