The Advantages Of Forged Wheels:

light weight, high rigidity.

1 forging wheel hub production process

Solid forging". Simple structure of the truck aluminum wheels, can be used in the production of 

solid forging process.

Two is the first casting after forging". For more and more beautiful car wheels, a single solid forging is difficult to produce. This 

requires the use of the "first casting after forging", the traditional process such as low pressure casting, gravity casting, metal 

mold casting process to produce the basic shape of the blank, and then to the forging machine for precision forging. For most of the 

structure is very complex appearance of the wheel hub, can be produced in this way.

Three is continuous casting forging". With the 

continuous casting and forging process, the forging wheel can be produced with a more complex structure and a better design. The 

overall mechanical properties of the casting hub than a grade, the spokes will be more simple knot fine, more immortal bone like