Protean PD18 Wheel Motor In Tianjin Officially Off The Assembly Line

 Maximum torque 1250N · m, peak power 75kW, the maximum speed of 1800rpm, the motor with the motor controller (quality) 36kg 。This is ProteanDRIVE18 (referred to as Protean PD18) wheel motor technical parameters. April 27, Protean PD18 RAM wheel motor in Tianjin officially off the assembly line.

  According to Liu Yue, director of Protean Operations, the first Protean PD18 RAM wheel motor completes the entire process assembly and testing, which means that for the PD18 RAM wheel motor, the Protean Tianjin plant has completed the installation and commissioning of all process equipment, Research and development center of the technical transplant, small-scale production of technical parameters optimization, all staff engineering and production quality team training and practical operation of several important elements, the future of Protean Electric will continue to deploy in Tianjin factory scale production capacity optimization, automation Project introduction, according to customer application feedback to upgrade product performance and further work.

  Yue told reporters, Protean biggest characteristic is the motor controller (MCU) integrated in the wheel motor, can be directly connected with the vehicle controller (referred to as VCU), to achieve the motor control and data transmission.

  In Liu Yue view, the wheel motor is an optional one of the electric vehicle drive, which can effectively improve system efficiency, cost savings, reduce energy consumption, is a very promising technology line, the future will be able to occupy a considerable market share.

  According to Liu Yue's argument, the use of wheel motor can make the overall cost of vehicle companies decreased significantly. "Although the wheel motor itself is more expensive, but the vehicle loaded with the hub motor can reduce the clutch, gearbox, differential and other devices.According to the vehicle company supporting system, different levels, the wheel motor can reduce the degree of production enterprises The cost of production. "