Porsche Brand History

Porsche brand history

brand history

Porsche's founder Ferdinand Porsche (also translated as Ferdinand Porce), at the age of 24 (1899) has invented the electric wheel sets of motor, in the second year of the Paris International Exhibition, Porsche has been famous all over the world The Porsche has a distinctive feature, a beetle-style car, rear engine and excellent performance, making it quickly become a well-known car. 1966 Frankfurt International Auto Show, showing the Porsche 911, this design until now there are a wide range of markets. Its body designer is Ferry, Porsche's eldest son, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Porsche rear gearbox chassis and V8 engine 928, new technology 959, and with electronic adjustment of the four-wheel drive system and no Lift body 911 Carrera 4 type, is the most important development in recent years. Few brands can sell luxury like selling goods like Porsche. In the new car Porsche 911 ads have such an ad saying: "In a full of superficial and superficial era, in a frivolous and rough era, only Porsche 911 is a real necessity, irreplaceable.

Porsche dates back to 1900, the first to Porsche in the name of the car - Lohner-Porsche officially debut and caused a sensation. The two-seater is designed by Ferdinand Porsche, a 25-year-old big Porsche employed by the Lohner Depot as a designer. Here he has shown outstanding talent. Big Porsche was born in Austria in 1875 and his father was a white iron worker. Ferdinand from childhood like dry white iron workers live, while also interested in electricians, in 1890 began to engage in the development of the electric state petrol electric vehicle. The same time as the above-

In 1906, Great Porsche went to Daimler (Daimler) depot of the Austrian branch, served as technical director. In the next ten years, he designed a variety of epoch-making new cars, such as Daimler-Benz SS and SSK sports car, car company's Grand Prix (GrandPrix Car), in the German automotive industry Are glorious chapters. But also in 1923 was promoted to the chief engineer of Daimler plant. Daimler and Benz (Benz) depot in 1926 merged into the current Mercedes-Benz depot. The same time as the above-

During the period, the big Porsche recommended to the Mercedes-Benz production of a mass are affordable production cars, but was the then board of directors rejected. Which makes the big Porsche had to hang away. On March 6, 1931, Big Porsche, with the help of several investors, set up a design company in Stuttgart to develop engines for cars, planes and ships. Ferry Porsche (Ferry Porsche hereinafter referred to as small Porsche) also joined the design team at the age of 24. After that, father and son began to start the "Volkswagen" development plan. Little is known that the Porsche and his father's desire to coincide with the infamous Hitler at the time coincide. Hitler also summoned the big Porsche to discuss the matter. In the Second World War, he also designed the tiger tanks for the Megatron European battlefield for Hitler. Because of his relationship with the German Nazis, after the end of World War II, he was arrested by the Americans, and later to France, sat two years prison, was released in August 1947.