Mercedes Benz The Source Of The Logo

 Mercedes Benz Source: Daimler in 1909 for the trigeminal star sign patent, but Mercedes is a circular badge. Daimler's mark from Daimler's letter to his wife, he thought he painted the house in the house of this star will bring him good luck, this tripod is also a symbol of Mercedes-Benz car company to land, sea and air three Direction. In 1909, Mr. Daimler in order to commemorate the mass production of his VELO car, the trigeminal inside the gear pattern to laurel to show victory, and the logo within the "Mercedes" is taken from its in Austria The name of the beautiful daughter of the car dealer Emil Jelinek. "Mercedes" in the Spanish have the meaning of luck, but unfortunately the beauty died in the 40-year-old unfortunate marriage, and her naming practice is spread like wildfire The Mercedes-Benz logo was originally Benz plus wheat. In 1926, Daimler and Mercedes-Benz merger, star logo and Mercedes-Benz wheat finally combined, under the Mercedes-Benz words, after the wheat into a ring, and removed the Mercedes-Benz Words. With the merger of the two oldest carmakers, the factory once again applied for a patent for the trademark, and the star logo in the ring has evolved into today's pattern and has been used today and has become the world's top ten One of the trademarks.

  Mercedes Benz Meaning: In June 1909, Daimler applied for registration of the "tripod star" as a sign of the car, a symbol of land, water and air mechanization and fit. 1916 in its surroundings with a circle, in the top of the circle inlaid with four small stars, following the Mercedes "Mercedes" words. "Mercedes" is the meaning of happiness, meaning Daimler produced cars will bring happiness for the owners. Mercedes-Benz, the German car brand, is considered one of the world's most successful high-end car brands, its perfect level of technology, excellent quality standards, innovation and innovation, as well as a series of classic coupe style is commendable. Mercedes-Benz has become one of the world's most famous car and brand logo. From December 25, 1900, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) presented its customers with the world's first Mercedes-brand sedan, and Mercedes became the car Industrial model. For more than 100 years, the Mercedes-Benz brand has been a pioneer in automotive technology innovation.