Influence Of Forging Process On Microstructure And Properties Of Forgings

In order to obtain a good microstructure and mechanical properties of forgings, in addition to the need to ensure a good quality of raw materials, also requires proper forging and heat treatment processes. Forging process consisting of the following processes, that is, cutting, heating, forming and cooling after forging, pickling (etching) after forging and heat treatment. Forming process includes open die forgings, die forging, trimming and correction; open die forgings including upsetting, such as drawing, punching, bending and torsion; roll forging include drawing, extrusion, forging, forging and upsetting. From the above processes, forging process on microstructure and properties of forgings, ultimately comes down to the influence of thermodynamic factors. Called the thermodynamic factor is temperature, speed deformation and cooling rate and stress and so on. Reasonable selection of thermodynamic factors, raw materials can be improved through the following organizations