Forgings Characteristics

Compared with the casting, metal after forging to improve its organizational structure and mechanical properties. Casting organization after forging method hot processing deformation Hou due to metal of deformation and again Crystal, makes original of coarse branch Crystal and columnar grain into grain more fine, and size uniform of, axis again Crystal organization, makes ingot within original of partial analysis, and loose, and stomatal, and clip slag, pressure real and welding collection, its organization became more close, improve has metal of plastic and mechanical performance. Casting mechanical properties compared with forging and mechanical properties of the material. Also, forging processing can guarantee metal fibrous tissue of continuity, makes forging of fibrous tissue and forging shape keep consistent, metal streamlines full, can guarantee parts has good of mechanical performance and long of using life used precision die forged, and cold extrusion, and temperature extrusion, process production of forging, are is casting by cannot compared of forging is metal was pressure, through plastic deformation shaping requirements of shape or right of compression force of object.