Forging Production Risk Factors And Causes Of

First, in the production of forged, susceptible to injuries, according to its causes can be divided into three types: mechanical injury-the tool or workpiece directly caused by scratches, bumps; burn; electrical contact injuries. Second, from the point of view of safety protection, forging shop features are: 1. Forging production in the metal under hot conditions (such as low carbon steel forging temperature range between 1250~750℃), given the large amount of manual labor, there may be burning a little careless. 2. Forge heating furnace and hot ingot, stock and forgings constantly emanates a lot of radiant heat (forging forging at the end still has a very high temperature), workers are frequently subjected to thermal radiation damage. 3. Forging shop produced during the combustion process of reheating furnace of smoke into the workshop of the air, not only affects the health and reduced visibility in the workshop (for burning solid fuel furnace, the situation is even more serious), and can also cause accidents.