Forging Process Should Pay Attention To Where

1. forging process include: cutting the material into the desired size, heating, forging, heat treatment, cleaning and inspection. In a small artificial forging, all from a few forging hand and laid in a small premises. They are exposed to the same harmful environmental and occupational hazards, and in the heavy forging workshop, hazard varies with the job. Working conditions while working conditions for forging forms vary, but share some common characteristics: moderate-intensity manual labor, dry and hot climate environment, noise and vibration, air contaminated by smoke. 2. workers are exposed to high temperature air and heat radiation, resulting in accumulation of heat in the body, heat combined with metabolic heat may cause heat disorders and pathological changes. 8-hour labor of perspiration with little gas environment, physical exertion, and varies with the degree of thermal adaptation in 1.5~5 litres, or even higher.