Forging Process

According to stock movement, forging can be divided into open die forgings, forging, extrusion, forging, closed-die forging, closed-die upsetting-forging. 1, open die forging. Use of impact or pressure metal arriving in iron upper and lower two (anvil) deformation to obtain the required forging, hand-forging and mechanical forging two main. 2, die forging. Die forging is divided into and open die forging closed die forging. Billet in a certain shape of the bore obtained compressive deformation of forging die forgings, can be divided into radial forging and cold forging, roll forging, extrusion and so on. 3, closed-die forging and closed upsetting because there is no Flash, and material utilization is high. A process may undergo complex forgings or several processes finish. Since there is no Flash, forging the force area to reduce the load required is also reduced. However, it should be careful not to limit the blanks completely, through strict control of billet size control of die relative position and the measurement of forgings, efforts to reduce the wear on the dies.