Forging Materials

Forging materials used are mainly of the various components of carbon and alloy steels, followed by aluminium, magnesium, copper, titanium and their alloys. The original state of the material bar, ingot, metal powder and liquid metals. Metal in front of the deformation of cross sectional area and distorted cross sectional area of the Lake is called forging ratio. Proper selection of forging ratio and reasonable heating temperature and holding time, reasonable initial forging temperatures and forging temperatures, a reasonable amount of deformation and deformation rate on the improved product quality, lower costs, have a great relationship. Small and medium forgings for general use round or square bars as a blank. Bar of uniform grain size and mechanical properties, good shape and dimensional accuracy of the surface, easy to organize mass production. As long as the reasonable control of the heating temperature and deformation, do not need a large forging forging of forgings with good performance. Ingots are used only for large forgings. Ingots are cast, there are large columnar and Osteoporosis Center.