Forged Wheels Tread Form

Forged Wheels Tread form

The wheel is a kind of mechanical equipment made up of bearing box, wheel and shaft. In the wheel, its main role is to support the crane and the load, and to ensure that the vehicle can be normal in orbit on the road or normal driving. Wheels in the use of the process, but also has a lot of parameters and performance, inertia is one of the most typical one.

      The inertia of the wheel depends on the relative rotational weight of the wheel, and we have mentioned that the value is not directly measured, but the most important is the wheel and tire weight. You can use a 5-10 kg weighing hammer, with a 1 meter line wrapped around the drum, the use of scale hammer to drive down, this method, the relative rotation of the larger weight, the slower the acceleration, the highest achievable The speed is also low. The smaller the relative rotational weight, the faster the acceleration, the higher the maximum speed achievable. Relative to the rotation weight, the overall wheel weight is also relatively heavy.

      In the course of the use of the wheel, its main loss is usually wear, pitting and hardening. So the wheel of the material selection is particularly important. The wheel in the design, but also need to enhance the wear resistance and impact resistance, which can extend its service life.

  Crane wheels are made of wheels and shafts, bearings and bearing boxes. Crane wheels are generally used to support the crane and load, while the provisions of the track to allow the crane to run the reciprocating device. Crane wheel application is more complex, is based on different product structure, using different technical methods. However, the center of gravity of the application of the crane wheel is to control the level of the wheel skew of the crane wheel. In the process of work more commonly used, process measures are relatively simple design structure is: the wheel assembly to the bracket into a crane wheel.

      Crane wheel into the material is generally high-quality cast steel, because the wheel is generally damaged way of wear, pitting and hardening layer crushing, so in order to increase the wheel surface wear and service life, the general use of hard and hardened depth comparison Large material.

Crane wheel tread surface is divided into cylindrical, conical and drum three. Crane wheel The wheel with a conical tread must be equipped with a track with curvature in the head and the big end of the wheel should be placed inside the span. The taper of the tread is related to the radius of curvature of the head of the track. It is recommended to use a uniform 1:10 taper. The wheel of the drum tread is used only in the track running along the flange plate (eg the lower edge of the I-beam).

     Crane wheels are mainly composed of wheels, shafts, bearings and bearing boxes. For ease of installation and maintenance, the crane wheels are mounted in an angularly dismounted and coupled angular bearing housing to form separate components.