Forged Wheels Application Is Very Extensive

Forged Wheels Application is very extensive

Introduction of Wheel Group Brake Adjustment Method

When the wheel group after a long period of use, must be carried out maintenance work. The adjustment of the wheel group brake is also very important, because the wheel group after a long time, the brake will inevitably deviate, so we need to brake the wheel group to make a good adjustment.

    In the use of the wheel group, the adjustment of the brake is very frequent, if the brake is not sensitive, it will affect the staff's personal safety. But how should we adjust the brake of the wheel group? Let's take a look:

    1, first of the wheel group of nuts to adjust, and need to turn the bolt, and finally lock the nut.

    2, remove the roller, the nut release, and the gap between the card and the tile shaft, wheel group clearance must comply with the relevant provisions and consistent.

    3, in the wheel group of the screw adjustment, should first release the magnet and nuts to adjust the work.

    4, and finally, in the tail of the grip rod, turn the wheel group to meet the required length.

    The above is the wheel group brake adjustment method, the brake must be carried out in the debugging process to check the operation of the state, to avoid some dangerous or fault phenomenon. Details of the wheel group to bear the pressure

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  The wheel group is one of the important parts of the crane. When we actually use the wheel group, we often need very high pressure, so we must use a reasonable method to adjust the pressure of the wheel group, otherwise the excessive pressure Will be very likely to cause damage to the wheel group.

    Here, we come to tell you specifically about the wheel group in the actual use of the time, need to bear the pressure:

    The main role of the wheel group is to support and drive, is an important crane accessories. Crane wheel group in the operation of the pressure refers to the wheel on the track surface of the normal direction of the force, its value from the weight and load, the maximum wheel pressure by the crane loaded and the car and the swing arm in the most unfavorable position calculation Design the components and plant structure (or track support foundation) of the crane wheel group. Reasonable design should make the crane the maximum pressure of the wheel group close, and make the active wheel slightly larger to increase the driving force of the operation. Crane wheel set wheel pressure can be determined by the crane design manual.

When we adjust the pressure on the crane wheel group, we can refer to the above requirements, which will make the wheel group can withstand the pressure to become lower, but also make the wheel group life longer The .The wheel group is widely used in the crane industry and is an integral part of it. In the wheel group, by manipulating the operation of the organization, the use of scientific layout, can effectively improve the level of the wheel skew occurred. While the wheel group through the improvement can also achieve a more stable effect.

    Crane operation The horizontal deflection of the wheel group is an important skill parameter of the crane. The deviation of the skewed value will form a gnawing track, increase the running resistance, oscillate and noise, aggravate the trajectory and wheel wear, and greatly degrade the service life of the crane. All kinds of crane production skills conditions must be on the wheel group horizontal skew rules agreed values. Wheel groups in the construction machinery or other industries often use, but if the use of the process of how to do?

Application of the control mechanism of the wheel group horizontal deflection value is mainly based on different product structure to take the appropriate technical measures. Wheel sets are more commonly used, the process measures are relatively simple design structure is: the wheels assembled to the bracket on the composition of the wheel group, the main structure of the crane, the installation of adjustable wheel horizontal deflection appropriate fixed.