Forged Magnesium Wheels The Production Process

forged Magnesium Wheels Trend and fashion push aluminum alloy wheels of the spokes more and more thin, more and more mysterious, what kind of technology can push forward in the back? But also "mysterious" to what kind of limit?

1. What is the limit production process for aluminum alloy wheels?

Aluminum alloy wheels have two production processes, one for casting and one forging. Forged wheels and cast compared to the former, the former is the broken grain and forged structure, which is dendritic grains and as-cast structure. Individual mechanical performance indicators, forging generally increased by 30% - 50%, individual indicators higher several times. In the international market, the price of forged wheels is twice as high as that of casting.

Aluminum alloy wheel production technology limit and no suspense, it can only be forged.

2. How many kinds of forging wheel production process?

First, "solid forging". For the simple structure of the truck aluminum wheel, we can use solid forging craft production.

Second, "the first cast after forging." For more and more beautiful cars and motorcycle wheels, a single solid forging is difficult to produce. This requires the use of "cast forging", first with traditional processes such as low pressure casting, gravity casting, metal casting and other processes to produce the basic shape of the rough, and then switch to forging machine for precision forging.

For most of the structure is very complex appearance of the wheel is very beautiful, can be used to produce this way out.

Third, "continuous casting and forging".

With the "continuous casting and forging" process can produce the structure than the "first cast forging" more complex, more exquisite pattern forging wheels.

Comprehensive mechanical performance than the cast wheel hub a higher grade, the spokes will be more concise fine, more fairy-like beauty.

3. forged Magnesium Wheels Present Situation of Technology and Equipment of Aluminum Alloy Wheel "Continuous Casting and Forging"

"Continuous casting and forging" process also has many forms of expression, for the special production of a particular structure of the rough, you can develop a plane to.

The most advanced aluminum alloy wheels "continuous casting and forging" equipment, born out of "extrusion die casting forging machine" (or called "liquid forging (melting forging) die-casting machine", "die-casting die forging machine"), and according to The characteristics of the hub, made of plane.

This aluminum alloy wheel "continuous casting and forging" plane, the name can be called "to the three forging low pressure casting filling liquid forging (melting soup forging) wheel machine".

forged Magnesium Wheels Equipment on the installation of three large tonnage of the forging cylinder (one of the forging cylinder in series installation), in the wheel blank casting low pressure charging after the end of the direct forced forging, respectively, the hub of the "hub", " And "rim" independent die forging, so that the wheel blank to achieve the structure of the grain. (ZL203 up to 19.5%), impact increased by 200% -500% (ZL203 up to 30), the wheel surface of the highest surface finish (ZL203 up to 390MPa), elongation increased by 50% -100% Can reach 7-8 (roughness of 1.6 - -0.8), can be comparable to the machine out of the mirror reflective effect.