Forged Magnesium Wheels Production Process

forged Magnesium Wheels Production Process

The Status Quo of Aluminum Alloy Wheels for Aluminum Alloy Wheels and Casting Process

First, the aluminum alloy wheel material

   1, casting aluminum alloy raw materials for the A356

It is Al-Si-Mg alloy, because it contains a lot of Si (content of 6.5-7.5%), so that A356 aluminum alloy with good liquid flow and integrated casting performance. However, the impact of such an aluminum alloy is reduced. Cast aluminum alloy wheels is the use of such aluminum silicon magnesium alloy production.

  2, forged aluminum alloy raw materials for the 6061 alloy

It is a deformed aluminum alloy, which is usually said forged aluminum alloy, because of its liquid flow is not required, and its solid deformation requirements are relatively high, so its Si content of 0.4 to 0.8%. So its impact resistance is much stronger than the A356 cast aluminum. Most of the forged aluminum alloy wheels are forged with 6061 alloy.

Second, the aluminum alloy wheel production process: can be divided into casting, forging, straight forging process and between casting and forging manufacturing methods.

 (1) aluminum wheel casting process

(Six abundance, Wanfeng, dawn, Dai Ka, Yue Ling, Shen Lika, etc. using this process)

A356 aluminum alloy melting - degassing - casting - forming - T6 heat treatment - machining - surface treatment.

Casting aluminum wheels of the process, that is, the molten aluminum from the mold on the gate directly poured into the mold cooling molding. This simple casting method, mold cost is low. However, the pouring mouth is relatively large, aluminum consumption is large; pouring easily into the gas and impurities, flow and temperature stability is poor, so casting defects are more.

(2) forging the manufacturing process is divided into two

A, forging process. (CITIC Daika, Daikai Hongxin, Jiangsu Parker, solid Germany magnesium aluminum, Zheng Yu Aluminum is the use of this process)

  6061 aluminum alloy round bar - cut according to the weight of the rough section - heated to about 400 degrees - more than 8,000 tons of forging machine for 3 to 4 times forging the initial molding - strong spinning machine final cold forming - T6 heat treatment - machining - surface treatment.

B, straight forging process. (Hebei magnesium wheel, the only one), foreign Alcoa brand is the use of this forging process, forging process for the current forging process in the top of the process, product performance is known.