Characteristics Of Open Die Forgings

1, application: free forging is a manual operation to control the shape and size of forgings, low precision forging, machining, intensity, productivity is low, therefore it is mainly used for single-piece and small-batch. 2, free forging category: free forging open die forgings and machine forging by hand. Low production efficiency in free forging by hand, labor intensive, and only for the repair or simple, small, small batch production of forgings. In the modern industrial production, machines open die forgings forging production has become the main method in the manufacturing of heavy machinery, it has a particularly important role. Forging the shape and size of the resulting mainly determined by the operator's skill level. 3, the main equipment: free forging hammers and hydraulic presses, two major categories of equipment. Forging air hammer and used in the production of steam-air hammer, some plants also use simple structure, less investment spring hammers, trip hammer, lever hammer and the hammer, hydraulic press is to blank deformation of static pressure of the liquid, the only way is the production of large forgings. 4, basic processes: basic operations including upsetting of free forging, drawing, punching, bending, torsion, wrong move, cut and swaged.