Car Wheel Aluminum Alloy And Magnesium Alloy Which Is Good? What Are The Advantages?

Aluminum alloy corrosion resistance of some (advantages: the use of a long time) (shortcomings: heavy weight, production and processing a little higher energy consumption)

Magnesium alloy is very unstable (advantages: can reduce energy consumption, light weight) (Disadvantages: very easy to corrosion)

The surface of the magnesium alloy is really not really ugly ugly! And magnesium alloy in the surface treatment when the accuracy of the pharmaceutical than aluminum precision requirements (that is, the operation is not good, you a batch of goods on the OVER)

I am doing German Henkel specifically do metal surface treatment (some people do not understand the metal surface treatment)

Surface treatment why do?

Anticorrosion, aluminum and paint adhesion is not very strong how to do? We need a medium to make the surface paint better and metal bonding. (That is, in the surface of the alloy coated with a layer of thin enough to say it)