Application Of Magnesium Alloy In Automobile

SAIC first will magnesium alloy for Santana car of transmission shell body, and shell cover and clutch device shell; Faw has trial development engine cover cover, and clutch device shell, and gear room and gear cover, small bulk sample pieces; II steam magnesium alloy development system also has formed, recently production of 630, and 800 and 1600 magnesium alloy pressure casting line, can production load car of transmission Shang cover, and foot Board, and vacuum power device clapboard, and brake valve body, 16 species parts, and has big bulk loading into market sales. European and American automobile manufacturers made of magnesium alloy auto parts manufacturers using parts automotive parts manufacture of magnesium alloy application of magnesium in automotive Powertrain parts such as engine is the next goal. To meet the needs of high working temperature engine parts, Europe, America and other countries in recent years has developed a AE, Mg-Al-Ca, Mg-Al-Ca-Re, AJ series high strength and ZAC8506 creep resistant magnesium alloys, high temperature magnesium alloy such as MRI201S, MRI202S and MRI203S.