Alloy Forgings And Forging Quality Has A Major Impact On The Formation

It makes the material when heating before forging easily burn and reduce the plasticity of the material. Such as: ledeburite tools an eutectic carbides in the steel, aluminum alloy extruded Rod eutectic compounds, such as in the tree. Gross beta phase in titanium alloy materials directly to influence the General mechanical properties. 2. the effect of internal defects in raw materials raw materials within the shrink tube remains, bubble under the skin, severe, coarse carbides segregation of non-metallic inclusions (inclusions) defects of forging can be easily cracked. Raw materials within the tree-shaped Crystal, severe osteoporosis, non-metallic inclusions, flaking, skull patch, oxide films, tiered, segregation and different metal mixed with defects such as forgings-prone performance. Traces of non-metallic inclusions on cold rolls and life of bearing steel have a greater impact. 3. the raw material surface surface crack defect in the raw material, fold, scar, coarse grain and other produce forgings surface cracks. 4. the influence of raw material lines for forging and die forged rolled, extruded material and forging with fibrous tissue, its performance has a direction, it is also forging property directionality is the basic reason.