3 Piece Forged Wheels Wheel Diameter

3 Piece forged Wheels Wheel diameter

The relationship between the diameter of three forged wheel and the track. In addition to the small and medium-sized bridge crane car running sometimes use square steel as the track and set the tower crane crane running triangular section of the square arm of the square steel chord as the track, the line contact, the general use of the top crane overhead The rails. The contact stress of the three forged wheels and the track is the point contact of the roller-roller pair and the contact stress is quite high,

How to correctly select the material and heat treatment of the wheel; how to properly handle the relationship between the diameter of the three forged wheel and the track type, so that it has enough carrying capacity, and more economical; how to calculate its carrying capacity, but this paper attempts solved problem.

1,3 blocks forged wheel diameter

The tread surface of the crane wheel should be quenched and have sufficient hardened depth. The failure mode is usually a certain number of operating times due to contact stress caused by fatigue pitting and wear. Only quenched and quenched by the quenching of the wheel tread often lead to plastic deformation or abrupt wear, it can only be used for small wheel pressure and the work is not frequent occasions. The surface of the hardened but hardened depth of the wheel is often caused by tread crushing, peeling, it is more desirable.

To improve the carrying capacity of three forged wheels, the wheels of the material should be sufficient strength, but slightly lower than the rail. In order to improve its hardenability and comprehensive performance, commonly used in carbon forged steel or medium carbon alloy cast steel, without surface hardening before the tensile strength should generally ○ b ≥ 600N / mm2.

The diameter of the wheel should be preceded by the R10 series, such as 250,315,400,500,630,800,1000 and 1250, and the common range is 400-1000. For the convenience of selection, insert R20 between 630-1000 Series of 710 and 900 two specifications, but should be given priority in the R10 series of values.

2, track

Crane commonly used rails are rail heavy rail and crane rails two major categories, railway heavy rail

China GB181-GB183 railway heavy rail to the weight of each 1m to distinguish, that is, 38kg / m, 43kg / m and 50kg / m a total of three models. The first two models are mainly used for railway lines and rail lines that are not frequently loaded, which are mainly used for railway lines. 3 models have the same rail curvature radius R = 300mm, the width of the rail is also basically the same. Railway heavy rail features:

a. Due to placed in a certain interval on the arrangement of sleepers, need to bear a greater bending stress, and thus a larger height, cross-section of the X-X axis has enough bending moment of inertia;