3 Piece Forged Wheels The Main Loss

3 Piece forged Wheels The main loss

The inertia of the 3 forged wheels depends on the relative rotational weight of the wheels. We have mentioned that this value is not directly measurable, but most importantly, the rim and tire weight. You can use a 5-10 kg scale hammer to a 1 meter wire wound on the hub, the use of hammer down to drive, this method, the relative rotation weight of the greater, the slower the acceleration, the highest achievable Speed is lower. The smaller the relative rotation weight, the faster the acceleration, the highest attainable speed is also higher. Relative rotation weight, the overall weight is also heavier.

Three forged wheels in use, its main loss is usually wear, pitting and hardening. Therefore, three forging wheels on the choice of materials is particularly important. The three forged wheels in the design, but also need to enhance the wear resistance and impact resistance, which can extend its service life. Here, to come to you for a specific introduction about the three forged wheels in actual use, the pressure to bear:

The main function of 3 forged wheels is to support and drive, it is important auto parts. Car 3 forging wheel pressure in the operation is the normal direction of the wheel on the rail surface force, the value of its own weight and load, the maximum wheel pressure by car full load and the trolley and the arm in the most unfavorable position calculation, Components and plant structures (or track foundations) used to design three forged wheels of a car. Reasonable design should make the maximum pressure of the car forging three wheels close to each other, and make the active wheel slightly larger, in order to increase the driving force of the operation. Car 3 Forging Wheel pressure can be determined by car design manual.

When we adjust the pressure on the three forged wheels of a car, we can refer to the above requirements so that the pressure on the three forged wheels will be lower and the pressure on the three forged wheels Life expectancy has become longer. The application of the control of the operating mechanism 3 forging wheel horizontal skew value is mainly based on different product structure to take appropriate technical measures. Three forged wheels are more commonly used, the technical measures are relatively simple design structure is: the wheels are assembled to the bracket to form three forged wheels, the main structure of the vehicle, the installation of the wheel to adjust the horizontal deflection of the appropriate fixed.

After 3 forged wheels are installed, adjustments are also required and the errors made by the main structure are sufficiently low. When the car is put into use, the three forged wheels due to the main structure of the deformation or stress relief and other reasons so that the value of the level of deviation from the margin, then the lifting gear 3 forged wheels removed to re-adjust the assembly, or flame deformation of the structure, Repair complex and difficult to control the accuracy, it will certainly increase costs, and these will be the direction of product improvement.