3 Piece Forged Wheels Properly Tighten

3 Piece forged Wheels Properly tighten

What are the operation requirements of 3 forging wheel mounting and disassembly?

Three forged wheels are important parts of the crane. When it goes wrong, we need to change it. So how do we operate? Here's a summary of the following:

First, the connecting bolt of the axle end coupling is unloaded; And remove the wheel set Angle bearing box and the fastening bolt connection between girders, with crane jackscrew or jack crane bridge jacking, make the wheel tread out of orbit about lOmm top face, move the wheel set And along the orbital plane pull it out so debus changes;

Next plate assembly in advance, a new and active wheel with the shaft end gear coupling half body hang group to crane rails, to ensure that safety should be pushed into the wheel set close to the installation position, adjust jack makes the body slow down, through fastening bolt, screw nut;

Properly tighten bolts horizontal direction, and then the corresponding tighten bolts, vertical direction into numerous alternately, at the same time of fastening pull (wheel, check the wheel rotation is flexible, and check the wheel installation of horizontal and vertical deflection.

The screw hole of the coupling half of the gear coupling and the reducer of the gear coupling of the gear shaft is connected to the bolt and fastening. When everything is normal, drop the car.

At the other end the active wheel is replaced by the same procedure. In order to ensure that both ends of the drive are consistent, the two wheels must be replaced simultaneously.

A few items of the wheel group positioning

In the wheel group, in order to ensure the car driving stability, straight to light and reduce the tire, engine wear and tear, must take the steering wheel, steering knuckle, front axle and frame to maintain the relative position. This definite relative position relation is called the front wheel positioning. It includes the main pin, the main pin inclination, the front wheel forward and the front wheel front four contents.

After the main pin. The phenomenon of the backward-sloping of the main pin is called the main pin. In the longitudinal vertical plane, the center line and the perpendicular Angle, called the main pin Angle. After the main pin, the car can maintain the stability of the straight line, and the front wheels after the turn tend to return to the positive.

The main pin is tilted. The main pin of the upper end slightly inclined to the inner inclination of the main pin. In the horizontal vertical plane, the center line of the main pin and the perpendicular Angle, is called the main pin Angle. The main pin can make the front wheel automatic return and turn to light.

Tilt the front wheel. The lateral tilt of the front wheel rotation plane is referred to as the front wheel. The front wheel rotation plane and vertical plane Angle, called the front wheel camber. The front wheels can turn the vehicle to light and safe.

Front wheel front. The front end of two front wheels of the wheel group is slightly inward and is the front wheel. Between the left and right sides of the wheel, the distance between the rear and the front is the difference between A and B. The front wheel can be reduced or eliminated in the advance of the vehicle, because the front wheel front end of the front wheel is rolled away from the front end of the front wheel, and the adverse effect is caused.