2 Piece Forged Wheels Relative Rotation Weight

2 Piece forged Wheels Relative rotation weight

The inertial analysis of two forged wheels

The wheel group is a kind of mechanical equipment consisting of bearing box, wheel and axle. In the wheel group, its main function is to support the crane and the load, and ensure that the vehicle can be normal on the track or on the road. Wheel group has many parameters and performance in the process of use, and inertia is one of the most typical.

The inertia of the wheel group depends on the relative rotation weight of the wheel. We can't measure it directly, but the most important thing is the wheel and tire weight. Can use a 5-10 kilograms of counterpoise, with a 1 meter wire winding on the flower drum, use to drive the counterpoise, this method, the relative rotating weight is large, the slower speed, can reach the highest speed is low. The smaller the relative rotation weight, the faster the acceleration and the highest speed can be achieved. Relative rotation weight, the overall wheel weight is also heavier.

In the course of use, the main damage of the wheel group is wear, pitting and hardening. Therefore, the selection of materials is very important. When the wheel group is designed, it also needs to increase wear resistance and impact resistance, thus extending its service life.

The normal operation of the wheel group cannot be separated from the use of rail. The quality and performance of the rail rail will have a great impact on the normal operation of the wheel group. Therefore, the excellent wheel group must be equipped with excellent rail, so that the excellent quality and performance of the wheel group can be better played.

Below, we will give you a detailed description of the rail characteristics of the train.

A, due to the large amount of wheel pressure in the wheel, to avoid the large contact stress, the rail roof is wider and the curvature radius of the rail roof is larger.

B, because it is usually placed on a steel beam or concrete beam, it is better to be bent, and the rail height is not very large relative to the width of the head. Due to large pressure wheel set of wheel, track inevitably under horizontal load, therefore, relative to the railway heavy rail, cross section in addition to the X - X axis has certain bending moment of inertia, the Y - Y also has a large bending moment of inertia;