2 Piece Forged Wheels Quite High Strength

2 Piece forged Wheels Quite high strength

The wheel set is one of the basic components of the vehicle running on the track. Although the good bogie can improve the wheel and rail dynamic action, the heavy load speed will inevitably increase the wheel force, which is not only related to the safe operation of the vehicle, But also involves the capacity of the line, from the axle to reduce the heavy load speed wheel wheel wheel force is a very important issue. Heavy load speed wheel to withstand large static and dynamic mechanical load and brake thermal load, must have a very high strength and safety and reliability, must also meet the reliability on the basis of minimizing the weight (reed quality). Reducing the quality of the wheel can also increase the load on the truck under the maximum axle load allowed by the line.

Wheel group strength is in accordance with the thickness of the rim to the size of the design, the original thickness of the rim and wear life and cost. For the weight reduction, can reduce the thickness of the rim of the original shape, the use of thin rim rim wheel; by optimizing the design, looking for better carrying capacity of the web shape, so that the same weight can withstand greater load, to achieve the purpose of weight loss; To ensure that the axle assembly firmly under the premise of reducing the hub thickness. What are the operating requirements for the dismantling of the forged wheel group?

Forged wheel group is an important part of the crane, when it is a problem, we need to be replaced, then we need to how to operate it? The following by Xiaobian for your summary:

First, remove the connecting bolts of the shaft end coupling of the wheel; then remove the fastening bolts connected to the end beams of the wheel angle bearing box and the end beam, and lift the crane frame with the lifting screw or jack of the crane so that the wheel tread From the top of the track about lOmm or so, pry the wheel group and pull it out along the track surface to remove the replacement;

The main assembly of the pre-assembled, new shaft-mounted gear coupling half is then lifted to the crane rail. To ensure safety should be pushed into the wheel set near the mounting position, adjust the jack to slow the body Descend, penetrate the fastening bolts, screw the nuts;

Properly tighten the horizontal bolts, and then tighten the corresponding vertical bolts, alternating into the Ding, in the fastening while pulling the wheel, check the wheel rotation is flexible, and check the wheel installation of the horizontal and vertical skew.

Aligning the wheel shaft end gear coupling half and the reducer slave shaft coupling half of the screw hole, penetrate the connecting bolt and fasten. After all normal, the body will fall.

The other end of the active wheel also uses the same steps to replace. In order to ensure consistent transmission at both ends, to ensure that the crane is running normally, both ends of the active wheel must be replaced at the same time.