2 Piece Forged Wheels Preparation Before Heating

2 Piece forged Wheels Preparation before heating

1. Preparation before heating

1) familiar with the heating specifications, according to the heating specifications and blank section size, quality and quantity to choose the appropriate heating furnace.

2) Check the heating furnace and thermal instrument to ensure that the furnace is in a normal state.

3) placed a good horn, trolley furnace horn should be high to 250 ~ 500mm, indoor furnace horn should be 70 ~ 150mm (small section of the blank allows directly on the bottom of the furnace heating).

4) According to the heating specifications to adjust the furnace temperature.

2. Furnace requirements

1) in winter should be stored in the open pit into the workshop shelter 2 ~ 3d reheating furnace heating.

2) is strictly prohibited cold, hot billet mixed heating and rain of the wet billet furnace heating.

3) hot ingot to the workshop should be timely furnace.

4) large forgings of the blank into the trolley furnace should be from the burner 400 ~ 500mm, into the chamber furnace should be from the burner 150 ~ 200mm.

5) Furnace check the steel number, furnace number, ingot type, and the different materials and ingot surface mounted furnace location map.

3. Heating requirements

1) after the oven or a long time to stop the heating furnace, the initial use should always observe the changes in the various parts of the situation and fuel combustion, found that the problem in a timely manner.

2) heating process should be observed, diligent temperature, prevent running temperature generated local overheating and over burning.

3) different steel and different sizes of blanks at the same time heating, the furnace temperature, heating speed and heating temperature according to the lower implementation of the holding time according to a long implementation. Low demand for rewinding temperature and short insulation requirements of the blank can be first baked forging.

4) trolley furnace heating, allowing the furnace temperature than the material temperature 20 ~ 300C, room furnace heating, allowing the furnace temperature than the material temperature 15 ~ 200C.

5) Forging blanks in the initial forging temperature of the holding time exceeds the minimum holding time of 1 times, the furnace temperature should be controlled in the initial forging temperature range. Bad material in the initial forging temperature of the holding time to reach the maximum, and for some reason can not be baked forging, the furnace temperature should be reduced to 650 ~ 7500C, at some temperature insulation time is not limited.

6) billet baked and furnace, the door should not be too large, the time should be as short as possible, so as not to increase energy consumption and oxidation.

7) When heating the charge from the trolley, to prevent the bad material from rolling into the bottom of the furnace, after the trolley is pulled out of the furnace, the door can be dropped to the back of the trolley. The The Above and then take the material.

8) observe the pressure inside the furnace, adjust the flue gate, so that the furnace to maintain a more stable micro-positive pressure.

9) often observe the burning flame and blank oxide characteristics, adjust the fuel and air ratio, so that the combustion atmosphere and temperature meet the heating requirements.