2 Piece Forged Wheels Check The Various Accessories

2 Piece forged Wheels Check the various accessories

2 pieces of forged wheels between the various accessories, regular inspection and replacement measures are inevitable. Because, if you do not do the appropriate inspection and replacement work, then we can not guarantee the two forged wheels at work, there will be no fault situation. In order to make two forged wheels can be more efficient work, do the following matters is very important.

    1, we need to regularly on the two forging wheels of the various parts to check, if you need to replace the standard need to be replaced in time;

    2 pieces of forged wheel replacement parts are best from the manufacturer, so as to avoid the bad parts of the model;

    3, if the two pieces of forged wheel surface rust-proof layer off, it should be promptly repaired or renewed to avoid the phenomenon of corrosion is too serious cause of security incidents.

    When we use two forged wheels, we must pay attention to these maintenance and maintenance work, so that we can make two forged wheels can be more efficient and more secure work.

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What should be done to control the diameter of the two forged wheel treads?

 In order to ensure the safe operation of the crane, the crane in the design of the two forging wheel diameter has a clear accuracy requirements, the provisions of two forged wheel diameter tolerance h9. The relative difference in the diameter of the corresponding set of two forged wheels running on two orbits of the far distance plays a decisive role in the safe operation of the crane. 2 corresponding to a group of two forged wheels running in the orbit, the unit time to run the distance is different, it will cause the crane to run the asynchronous, affecting the safe operation of the crane. Therefore, it is important to pair two forged wheels on the crane to control the relative difference in the diameter of the wheel. The relative difference between the diameters of the same group of two forged wheels should generally be controlled at 0.12-0.15 mm.

    Crane The measurement of the diameter of two forged wheels is usually carried out using a large gauge micrometer. 2 forged wheel diameter, heavy weight, measurement, often need more people with each other, multiple measurements. As a result of a certain batch, the manufacturer each year to test the number of two forging wheels more, this measurement method of labor-intensive, low efficiency, the test staff proficiency and technical quality requirements are higher. Measurement results are often different because of the different operation of the different access.