1 Piece Forged Wheels The Details Of The Introduction

 1 Piece forged Wheels Forged wheels are a classification of forgings, mainly used in door-type cranes - bridge cranes - mining machinery. Also known as: wheel, wheel, wheel forgings! Light rail car also has application! Well-known domestic forging plant in Shanxi Yong Xin forging Co., Ltd..

Common wheel forging material: 60 #, 65Mn, 42CrMo

   1 Piece forged Wheels Forged wheel products are mainly used for automobile (agricultural machinery), basic parts, locomotives and rolling stock, construction machinery, petrochemical general and other industries, of which more than 90% of the car forging, which is about cold forging forgings accounted for about 5.2% of the total amount of forgings. In 2004, the total forging output of the country was about 3.26 million tons, of which about 2.44 million tons were forged forging. The car forgings accounted for about 65% of the forging and about 1.6 million tons, while the cold temperature forgings accounted for about 4-5% The In more than 10MN forging hydraulic press on the use of free forging method forging made of forgings known as large forgings, large forgings production industry has reached a certain scale of production and level.

   1 Piece forged Wheels Forging wheel anodizing This technology is Hamann-Motorsport's latest lightweight aluminum alloy rim manufacturing technology, using this new forging technology to make aluminum alloy wheels than traditional casting wheels weight reduction of more than 38%, can significantly reduce Unspoiled weight avoids vehicle performance.

   The new model uses exaggerated external expansion and bifurcation design, showing a strong sports style, corresponding to the BMW Department launched 23-inch, width 11J and 12J two specifications, corresponding to Ferrari F599 and California launched 21 inches, width 9J and 12.5J two Specifications.

   1 Piece forged Wheels This unique forged wheel anode treatment technology, than the traditional casting wheels to reduce the weight of 38%, so that modified large-size aluminum alloy wheels do not affect vehicle performance.