1 Piece Forged Wheels Safety Regulations

1 Piece forged Wheels safety regulations

1 forged wheel operation precautions

   In order to ensure the safety of a forged wheel operation, the operator must undergo a safety education training and pass the examination, familiar with a piece of forging wheel operation precautions, strictly enforced. Note the following.

   1, the first lifting of heavy objects or load to reach the maximum amount, should be hanging from the ground height of 0.5 meters after the heavy weight down again, try to confirm the safe and reliable operation after the normal operation.

   2, lifting the items will have to correctly use the spreader to confirm the selected spreader applicable and can carry the hanging items, is strictly prohibited overload.

   3, spreaders to hang in the hanging items or other provisions of the load bearing, must be hanging or tied firmly, stable before lifting. Check and confirm the hanging height, cable angle and so meet the relevant requirements.

   4, tied with a sharp edge of the workpiece, the need to use soft material pad to prevent the rope was cut off and the accident occurred.

   5, the operator should be the correct choice of wire rope or lifting belt, hanging objects need to use the ring, be sure to ensure that the hoop tight firmly before the operation.

   6, the lifting of the hook must be hanging in the top of the hanging items, to avoid lateral oblique hanging, pulled by hanging objects. Lifting the use of slow block start, lifting a smooth change after the fast block.

   7, the crane handling items, to make the object in the carriage line walking, walking height at least more than 0.5m higher than the running line of the workpiece, is strictly prohibited hanging from the head through the head.

   8, normal operation is strictly prohibited to open anti-car brake parking, lifting the limiter can not limit the limit to achieve the purpose of parking.

   9, hanging objects are strictly prohibited or other floating items. 10, in the entire lifting, handling process, the operator and commanders with each other, at any time to observe the surrounding objects, to ensure the safety of personnel, goods and equipment.

   11, crane operation, the operator should focus on the direction of the crane running, pay attention to prevent tripping, and according to the provisions of the following conditions whistle

   12, hanging parts hanging in the air, the operator can not leave, and pay attention to the ground operation or pedestrian safety.

   13, crane operators and heavy personnel should be equipped with a helmet, the operator should not bring gloves, hand to the corresponding clean, to avoid dirt into the button inside.

   14, forbidden in the operation of mechanical repair, cleaning and lubrication work. In the maintenance of the car, the main switch should be cut off; and in the knife hanging on the "no closure, is clearly marked repair."

   15, crane operation, such as abnormal sound, malfunction and operational failure and other sales conditions, to cut off the power in a timely manner, quickly reported to the relevant person in charge, as soon as possible to remove the fault and hidden dangers.

   16, the work of a sudden power failure, the controller placed in the "zero" bit, re-work before the check is normal.

   17, after the end of the work, the crane should be open to the parking place (on both sides of the wall), and the hook rose to a certain height, the operating handle closed, cut off the power, finishing good spreader.

   18, adhere to the maintenance of regular maintenance and maintenance, to ensure good equipment.