1 Piece Forged Wheels Apply To

1 Piece forged Wheels Apply to

Two methods of forgings tend to have casting and forging, casting is suitable for those accessories for precision and quality requirements is not high, but is a different forging, forging more excellent than casting, because the casting does not change the original organizational structure and mechanical properties of the metal, the fibrous structure to increase the strength and toughness of the metal, is very suitable for those who are easy to wear and tear parts, forging is better for welding deformation plastic operation at the same time, and after these steps, its performance will not change a lot. So the forgings are widely used in modern industry.

But for now forging of equipment demand is higher, the greater the size of forging, the requirement of equipment will be higher, and domestic in the manufacturing of forging equipment and there are greater difficulties, although there is also a breakthrough, but from the world's advanced level there is a large gap, so choosing forgings to choose forging factory, they give you guarantee.

What are the advantages of forgings

The advantages of forgings are the free length of stretch and the contractile cross section; The length of the retractive and the cross-section of the extension; Variable length, variable cross-section. The mechanical properties of metal are improved in the process of forging. Wheel forgings: wheel forging is also the main product of forgings. The forgings of the wheel are mainly forgings of mechanical "walking", including the wheel, wheel, pulley, track wheel and so on. Wheel forging is often used in automobile manufacturing, trains, planes, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and other fields, pusher machine, port machinery, crane, salvaging floating crane industry with the wheel forging a known.

We have all heard about the forging industry in life, but in fact the forging industry has grown very mature. It is usually the shape of the product that is needed to suppress the steel by forging machinery. According to different product use properties of steel structure performance is also different, choose suitable material before forging forged suitable products, change the crystal structure of the metal forging process, improve the performance of metal products to satisfy the people needed items. Forging and rough machining of forging and heat treatment after the completion of the final in finish machining, and then put the forgings for after finishing, and objects together, get useful role that is forging machinery with the meaning of forging.