20 inch Black Super Duty 2-PC Military Vehicle Wheels / 5000 kg Load Rating Army Vehichle Wheels Armoured Rescue Vehicle rims, SWAT Assault Vehicle wheels Armed forces wheel rims

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20 inch 2-piece Military Vehicle Wheels 20x10 with H/PCD 8X275 or 10X225 or 10X335 and 20x11 with H/PCD 8X275 or 10X225 or 10X335  for F550 and F450 Armoured Trucks or Armored Trucks Sandy Yellow Super Duty / 5000 kg Load Rating Olive Green Military Forged Wheel Rim

20X1010 inch80~1208x275221Black, Gun Metal
20x1010 inch80~12010X225170Black, Olive Green
20x1010 inch80~12010X335288Matte black, Sandy Yellow
20X1111 inch80~1208x275221Black, Gun Metal
20x1111 inch80~12010X225170Black, Olive Green
20x1111 inch80~12010X335288Matte black, Sandy Yellow

20X10 and 20x11 Forged 2 piece wheels 10X335 Olive Green Finish for F550  Army Vehicle, Armored Trucks

20X11 and 20x10 2 piece Forged wheels 10X335 Matte Black for F550  Military Army Vehicle, Armored Trucks

We have forged raw wheels from 16 inch to 24”, we can make painted (any color, such black, silver, Gun Metal, etc.) wheels, or chrome wheels, or polished wheels as per your specific requirements! Our product line cover magnesium Alloy Wheels and Forged Aluminum Alloy wheels which including monoblock, 2-Piece and 3-Piece


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