Wheel Spacers And Adapters

What Are Spacers, And Why Might I Use Them?

 Many drivers who use spacers like them because they create the look of wider rims and tires without the expense and effort of purchasing and fitting new parts. Wheel spacers are also helpful if you need extra clearance for big brake kits, coilover springs, or other suspension upgrades.

 Since spacers are available in a variety of diameters and bolt patterns, we recommend entering your make, model, and year to let our website determine which spacer products are a match for your vehicle.

 Once you know the diameter and bolt pattern is right for your vehicle, the next part is figuring out how thick you want your spacers to be. For more on how to figure out ideal spacer thickness, our related article The Trick Way To Determine What Size Wheel Spacer You Need will show you some easy tips.