What Types of Rims Look Good on Big Cars

 You finally got that truck or SUV of your dreams and now it is time to customize it and make it really yours with a special addition like rims. When looking for a set of aftermarket rims for your truck or SUV the most important thing to decide is what type of rim you need. The rims you choose for your vehicle should not be chosen by looks alone.

  • 4x4 off Road Rims: If you are planning to go off road then the truck rims you choose should reflect that. Some rims are just not built to withstand the beating a good romp through the woods and mud can dish out. 4x4 off road truck rims are classed as functional rims and often have a rough and ready look to them. If you want your truck to look big and tough and ready for anything, this type of truck rim is for you. 4x4 rims are usually made from steel or aluminum alloy. More urban vehicles, like an SUV that never leaves the pavement, has a much wider choice of rims then the off roaders do. That is not to say you cannot get great looking rims to go off road just that you have more choices if you do not.

  • Wire Rims: Wire rims are not just for cars any more. This type of rim can add style and elegance to most large cars, trucks and SUVs. If you do choose to use this type of rim make sure you get ones specially made for your vehicle. Trucks and SUV rims need to be heavy duty because of the weight of the car. Wire rims are classified as performance rims. Wire rims can be difficult to care for because they require a lot of maintenance to keep clean.

  • Chrome and Platinum Rims: Both chrome and platinum wheels add shine and luster to any vehicle. This type of rim is classified as a performance rim and takes a bit more work to maintain than a steel rim would.