What to do if your Engine Overheats-3

Radiator Leaking?

Radiators of modern cars usually last the lifetime of the vehicle. However, rust or damage can result in leakage. These leaks are usually accompanied by steam from the bonnet area (but not always)

  • Adding a spoon of haldi (turmeric powder) when filling up water can help to plug minor radiator leaks. Be advised that this is only a stopgap measure to get you to a service station. At the first opportunity, you must flush the entire radiator and get the haldi out.

  • If the radiator's leaking spot is visible, apply m-seal to that area once the engine & radiator have cooled down. It should hold until you reach a garage. M-seal is easily available in smaller towns too.

  • If one of the hose pipes has a minor leak, you can try wrapping electrical tape generously around the damaged area. If the leak is at the edge of the pipe, see if you can cut the damaged area off and still have enough length to refit the pipe.