What Are The Standard Car Wheel Sizes

A major thing to consider when buying car wheels is their size.
It goes without saying that a purchase of a new car includes wheels specific – or at the very least, perfect – for that make and model.

However, if you are looking to replace wheels on your car, you have to make sure that the new wheels are close in diameter as the original wheels – in other words, your new wheel and tire need to be as close in diameter as your old wheel and tire.

Following this particular rule will benefit you in at least 2 ways:

You won’t have to spend more money to make additional modifications to your car and/or wheels to make them fit

You won’t risk your safety since you will have control over your vehicle on the road.

Nevertheless, the common practice among drivers is to buy bigger wheels than they originally had on their vehicles.

Why, you ask?

On the one hand, bigger wheels make for a more beautiful car since they visually fill the gap in the car chassis around the wheel and tire, but you have to be pretty sure about which ones are best suited for your vehicle.

Therefore, before you go on a spending spree, browse cars like yours or take to Photoshopping pictures of the wheels you like on your car.

Furthermore, cars with bigger and wider wheels are more stable because they are stiffer and have more contact with the road.

By the same token, they decrease the braking distance even on wet roads. They offer better overall handling of the vehicle and improve driver confidence and security.

On the other hand, if you go for bigger wheels and tires than the manufacturer issued ones, you might get disappointed with your acceleration times.

If bigger, the new wheels and tires are heavier than the old ones, which means you’ll have to add some horsepower to your car as well to compensate for the poorer results.

This will also reflect on your fuel consumption, i.e. your car will need more fuel to run than you’re used to. Finally, y

ou will be less comfortable while driving if your new wheels and tires are bigger, harder and have more contact with the road.

In case you’re not sure which way to go when it comes to replacing the wheels on your car, we are here to lend you a helping hand. Come to contact us today!