Use an aluminum wheel plant 3 trees

1, in production and use in the process of aluminum alloy wheels are very good to play a role in energy conservation and environmental protection. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions during the manufacturing process: production of carbon emissions by 1 ton of iron and steel 1700kg and producing carbon emissions by 1 ton of aluminum is 1500kg. Calculation of carbon emissions in the manufacturing process, producing 1 25kg aluminum wheels iron wheels 48kg material can reduce carbon emissions 44.1kg. Reducing carbon emissions through reduced fuel consumption: per car (6 aluminum wheels) travel 1000 km per day, 1000 km/day X2.5 (fuel consumption per 100 km decrease) x300 x0.785kg (carbon emissions per litre of fuel) = 5887kg each year to reduce carbon emissions. Single aluminum round circle years reduced carbon emissions: 2.5 rose/6=0.417 rose (hundred km) 0.417 rose (hundred km) X1000 km = 4.17 rose X300 days X0.785kg (each rose fuel of carbon emissions volume) = 982.035 kg 2, and a tree growth 10 years of tree, years absorption carbon of capacity, India Calcutta agricultural University of one professor on a tree tree forget about account to growth 10 years of a tree General of tree for cases, after research, If there are 300 days a year of photosynthesis, then: absorb carbon dioxide as an average of about 1000 grams/day. 1000 gram X300=300 kg