The Advantage of Alimunum Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels, or ‘mag wheels', are made of an alloy of aluminium or magnesium or sometimes both as well. These wheels were traditionally available only on high-end sports cars and luxury vehicles, but over the last two decades or so, have trickled all the way down to even budget cars.


Most alloy wheels are cast aluminium alloys, but some are forged from magnesium alloys as well, which gives them greater strength and ductility. Traditionally, however, car wheels have been made from steel because of its strength, durability and an appearance that was earlier perceived as decent. However, demands of motorsport saw alloy wheels increasingly adopted for their several benefits, and saw steadily appreciating demand from the commercial market as well.



1. Better looks

Steel wheels can never look as good as alloy wheels, and the cosmetic upgrade and improved visual impact are the major reasons why so many car owners opt for them. Check out the blacked-out rims on the adjoining Porsche Cayman, it's very easy to see why so many fall for alloys.

2. Better heat conduction/dissipation 

Since alloys are able to dissipate heat better than steel wheels, they provide better braking performance and decrease the risk of brake failure.

3. Better performance 

Alloy wheels decrease unsprung weight and therefore transmit less inertia to the springs, thus allowing the suspension to follow the terrain more easily, thereby providing better grip. In addition, handling, steering and cornering see a marked improvement.

4. Better fuel economy 

Because alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels, fuel efficiency is increased to a certain extent.

5. Better braking 

This is because there is better traction during braking since wheel hop is reduced with alloy wheels.

6. Less likely to corrode and rust 

Since alloy wheels are usually made of aluminium alloy, there are far better protected against corrosion and rust.

7. Lengthens tyre life 

Since alloy wheels dissipate heat better, tyres wear out less quickly since they remain cooler.

8. Well-suited to tubeless tyres Alloy wheels are completely airtight and therefore are the perfect foil for tubeless tyres, unlike steel wheels, where one experiences minute losses of tyre pressure.