Study on quality of forging factory forging

Production forging Shi, except must guarantee by requirements of shape and size outside, also must meet parts in using process in the by proposed of performance requirements, which main including: strength index, and plastic index, and impact toughness, and fatigue toughness and anti-stress corrosion performance requirements, on high temperature work of parts, also has high temperature instantaneous stretch performance, and lasting performance, and anti-creep variable performance and hot fatigue performance,. Performance depends on the Organization and structure of the forgings (hereinafter referred to as the Organization). Different materials or forgings of different States of the same material, its performance is different, is ultimately determined by the organization. Smelting of metal microstructure and chemical composition of materials, methods, processing procedures, and technology and other factors. Among them, the pressure processing on forging the Organization has important implications, especially for heating and cooling there is polymorphism in changing materials, such as: austenitic and ferritic heat-resisting stainless steel, high temperature alloys, aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys, mainly depends on the pressure in the process, controlling thermodynamic parameters correctly to improve the forging of the Organization and improve its performance.