Simulation of Wheel Impact Test Using Finite Element Method

In order to achieve better quality, the wheel design and manufacturing use a number of wheel tests to ensure that the wheel meets the safety requirements. The impact performance of wheel is a major concern of new design wheel. The wheel impact test is intended to evaluate the impact performance of wheel, that the striker is dropped from a specified height above the tire–wheel assembly. In this study, nonlinear dynamic finite element is used to simulate the SAE wheel impact test. 

The wheel modeled as an elastic–plastic body is mounted at an incline of 13° to horizontal, and the striker is prescribed an initial velocity to simulate a drop height. The total plastic work concept of ductile fracture mechanics is used to predict the impact failure of wheel. Three-dimensional finite element method is employed to obtain the strain energy density of wheel at impact, and the critical strain energy density is based on the total plastic work of wheel material. 

Compared with actual tests, the finite element results show the total plastic work approach can be used to predict the wheel fracture during the impact test.