ROTOR CONSTRUCTION: 1-Piece vs 2-Piece 2

ROTOR CONSTRUCTION: 1-Piece vs 2-Piece  2


The layout of a typical 2-piece brake rotor. 

 Two-piece rotors feature an aluminum center section bolted to a traditional iron outer section where pads make contact. Because the center section is aluminum, a lot of weight is saved and quicker brake response is achieved. It's hard to confuse a two-piece rotor with anything else because bolts that lock the two pieces together are highly visible, and center sections usually have a different-colored finish in order to heighten their appeal. The center section is sometimes referred to as a "hat".

 Originally, two-piece rotors were reserved for Big Brake Kits. But recently, the aftermarket has stepped up its choices, and there are applications for two-piece rotors in the same diameter as OE rotors, meaning they can be installed without modifications. Two-piece rotors are more expensive and are typically available for select high-performance vehicles.