Raw materials and influence of forging process on microstructure and properties of forgings

Effect of forging on microstructure and properties of the raw materials raw materials for casting and forging, rolled, extruded materials. Rolled, extruded material and forging ingot respectively was rolled, extruded and formed after the forging of semi-finished products. Cast spindle, mixture, smelting and forging process is important to determine its quality. Rolling, extrusion and forging process, is to determine the corresponding semi-finished products and the quality of a link. Before entering the forging process of raw materials, required dimensions, surface quality, chemical composition, microstructure, macrostructure and mechanical properties of high test, in line with technical requirements can only be put into operation. Chemical composition of raw materials, high organization, macrostructure and mechanical properties is the basis of microstructure and properties of forgings, and raw material size and surface quality directly to influence the process of plastic and metal forming. In addition, the malleability and recrystallization characteristics of raw materials is the basis for forging process parameters were determined.