Quality inspection of forgings

The purpose of quality inspection of forgings, technical standards is to ensure quality in line with the forging of Forgings to meet requirements for the design and use of products. Contents include: size, shape, surface and internal quality and other aspects. Focus on internal quality. According to the force and weight, working conditions as well as different materials and metallurgy, forging inspection according to different categories. Industries of forging parts classification, inspection and quality requirements of the project varies, some sectors will be forging into three categories, some sectors will be forging is divided into four or five categories. Structural steels, heat-resisting steel forgings heat treatment State quality inspection requirements category item number and surface quality geometry materials hardness and mechanical properties of low-fracture number I prepared 100% tests will ensure that quality, forging geometry allows samples 100% test sampling for each heat treatment furnace 10%, but not less than 3. Melting batch sampling 1.