New Car Tires Buying Guide: Comparison Guide for Popular Types of Auto Tires Part 2

Continental Tires


Continental Tires concentrates more on the high performance and ultra high performance tire markets. This obviously means that the price is high to buy them. Every manufacturer has its own special things that it does to make its tires different from the rest. The companies that tend to lean toward the high performance market will always be working to make soft compound tires last longer. This is their market, and it is where they will make their big breakthroughs in tires.


Cooper Tires


While Cooper Tires does have high end new tires, it concentrates more on the needs of the general public. Cooper develops a lot of medium compound tires that are designed to last a long time, while getting good traction in the rain or snow. They are a great choice for new tires for your car. Cooper makes a great all-season radial tire, that is designed to ride smooth and get great traction in all weather conditions. They are priced reasonably for most people to afford.


Goodyear Tires


The Goodyear tire company has been around a long time. Goodyear is a lot like Cooper Tires in the respect that it has carved out a great niche pushing its tires to the general public, for all kinds of cars. Goodyear concentrates on building great tires for all purposes. If you're in the market for new tires, you should check into Goodyear. The company also makes a high rated all-season radial tire that is designed to give your car a great ride, that's quiet on the road and gets great traction in all types of weather.