New Car Tires Buying Guide: Comparison Guide for Popular Types of Auto Tires Part 1


 No one foresaw the revolution in new tires that would occur when the radial tire supplanted bias-belted and bias-ply tires in the 1970s. With so many choices available today, it is very difficult to finalize which one is the best. This guide discusses several of the best tires available from major brands.


Michelin Tires 

Michelin tires have achieved top rankings in most of the lists out there. Michelin designs its new tires to push to the high end touring and SUV market. If you're looking for a cheap tire, this is not the place to start. If you're looking for tires that rank high in all categories, Michelin may be a great choice for you. The Michelin line of tires has a long tread life, good handling and they are quiet on the road. However, you will pay extra for these features.


Bridgestone Tires

Running a close second is Bridgestone Tires. Bridgestone pushes its tires to the high performance car market, which does require a bit different tire then the high end touring cars and SUV markets. Usually these ones are made from softer compounds to create better handling tires. In the process of creating a better high performance handling tire, you lose some tire life, although you will still pay about the same as the Michelin tires. These tires will also work their hardest to eliminate road noise, and give you a comfortable ride.