Magnesium alloy wheels

Car wheels aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy relative, from the consumer point of view can refer to these three aspects: 1, energy saving: the same size in the case of the hub, magnesium lighter than the weight of aluminum 1/3, favorable car 2, the degree of durability: from the chemical point of view more active than the aluminum element of magnesium, magnesium afraid of acid, afraid of salt, fear of water, if not surface treatment, as long as 5% of the Salt water can be an hour of corrosion of magnesium products beyond recognition, or even perforation, even if done surface treatment, such as surface damage will reduce the product life. 3, the price cost: As the magnesium products in the country has not yet been popular, magnesium products die-casting technology, surface treatment technology in recent years have improved, but did not get a comprehensive promotion of magnesium products, the higher cost.