How to Maintain your Car in Top Shape- 7

Keeping her Shiny & Clean:

  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keep your car spic & span. Depending on your usage, you should wash your car on a daily / weekly / bi-weekly basis. If you employ the services of a car wash guy, tip him to pay “special attention” to your car. The Jopasu car duster is a nifty cleaning tool. For more tips, refer to Rudra's excellent guide at this link.

  • Get your car detailed every 6 months, inside out. At the very minimum, you should have your car detailed once a year. If you are so inclined, there is a ton of useful information in this thread. Look within the Team-BHP Directory for recommended detailers from your city.

  • A dirty interior says a lot about the car owner. Plus, it takes the fun of driving away. Keep your interiors absolutely tidy and have them detailed along with the exterior. Using a vacuum cleaner comes highly recommended on the forum. Avoid keeping excessive items that clutter the inside of your car. Neatly place in the glovebox or storage bins whatever items you need to have in the car.

  • Don’t eat in your car. Food smells, rots and attracts pests (cockroaches, rodents etc.).

  • Don’t treat your trunk like an attic.

  • After every driving holiday, treat your car to a thorough exterior, interior & underbody wash at the local petrol pump. The one next to my house charges a mere Rs. 250 for a superb job.

  • Get small to medium dents repaired at least once a year. This also helps to avoid rust formation. On a related note, eliminate any rust spots while they are still small. Stick to a topnotch body shop for all denting & painting requirements; ill-fitted body panels & parts lead to rattles and look ugly.

  • At the time of repainting, it's advisable to choose the same colour. Changing the exterior shade requires a complete strip down. Factory fit is indeed factory fit. Thus, an overcoat is a far more suitable option.