How to Maintain your Car in Top Shape-4

At the Petrol Pump:

  • Make it a habit to fill your tank up as soon as it reaches the ¼ level. Don’t wait for the reserve mark or low fuel warning indicator. Your fuel pump can get fatally damaged in a dry tank.

  • Fill her up with pure petrol / diesel. Company-owned & company-operated pumps come highly recommended. Once you zero in on a pump that serves good fuel, remain loyal to that outlet only.

  • Each time that you tank up, give your under-bonnet area a once over. Check the level of all fluids and also if anything's amiss (loose wires, pipe etc.). Screen the air pressure as well. These small steps go a long way in ensuring your car's top health.

  • Monitor your fuel economy. There’s no indicator of a car’s well-being as its fuel economy. If the FE nosedives, that’s your first clue to something going wrong.