How to maintain car wheels

How to maintain car wheels

(1) Daily cleaning - soil on the wheel will cause corrosion through a period of humid air. The dirt on the brakes will affect the brake system and cause the corrosion spot on the surface of the wheel. These grey layers and mud must be cleaned regularly.

(2) Use the right cleaning agent - Many household cleaners are not suitable for cleaning wheels and need to be washed with mild soapy water. Do not allow any strong chemicals or tire cleaners to come in contact with the wheels, as this will cause permanent damage to the wheel surface.

(3) Do not flush when the wheel is hot. Do not rinse with cold water when the wheel is hot. Wait for the wheels to cool before washing with soapy water. To prevent scratches on the wheel surface, do not use rough towels. If using an automatic washer, make sure not to use steam cleaners or strong chemicals to clean it, otherwise it may cause permanent color or corrosion. Carefully use a steel wool or bristle brush to clean the tire. These abrasive materials should not come into contact with the hub.

(4) Cleaning the aluminum wheel - The painted aluminum hub should be cleaned with neutral soapy water while drying with a soft cloth. Polishing aluminum wheels requires more maintenance and maintenance to maintain the original brightness of the surface, otherwise the surface will gradually fade, after the correct cleaning should be coated with a corrosion-resistant product to maintain the surface brightness. Plating wheels can use wheel wax after cleaning to reduce cleaning times and protect hub surfaces