How To Check The Camber

Prepare the car in the same way as for the toe-in check.

The ideal measuring tool for a camber check is a builder's square, but anything with a perfect right-angle will do - such as a piece of hardboard.

Hardboard or card is best for wheels and protruding hubs, as you can cut a piece out to set the edge against the sidewalls.

One side of the card should be as long as the full height of the wheel, the side at the right-angles to it as least half that height.

Set the card against the wheel, upright and central, so that the long side touches the sidewall in the two places and the other side is square to the ground. If necessary remove the hub cap or cut a piece out of the card.

There will be a gap between card and tyre, probably at the top. Measure the gap.

Repeat at the other wheel. The two measurements should be the same. Move the car forward so that the wheels make half a turn, bounce it and repeat the test.

The camber is not normally adjustable, so if the measurements are substantially different, the tyres, wheels or suspension may be distorted. Distorted wheels or tyres should be replaced.