Forging and tempering application examples

45 carbon steel is steel, hot and cold processing performance is good, good mechanical properties and low price, wide source, so is widely used. Its biggest weakness is low hardenability, size large and high requirements of workpieces should not be used. 45 steel quenching temperature on the A3+ (30~50), and in practical operation, the upper limit is usually taken. Quenching of high temperature can cause the workpiece heating speed, reduce surface oxidation, and can improve work efficiency. Workpiece homogenization of austenitic, will require sufficient time. If the actual loading capacity, appropriate holding time will be required. Otherwise, lack of hardness due to uneven heating may occur. Holding time is too long, coarse grains will also appear, oxidation and decarburization of serious ills affecting quenching quality. In our view, such as charging more than provisions of the process document, heat holding time required to extend 1/5.