Fixing Car / Steering / Pedal Vibrations (3)

Reason #3: Suspension & Steering Components

The symptoms here are usually sensitive to vehicle speed. They include:

  • Vibrations at the steering wheel. Side-to-side movement of the wheel is felt through the palm of your hand, especially at higher speeds (commonly described as shimmying):

1)Look for a broken wheel bearing, a loose / worn out tie-rod end or a loose steering box.

2)If you drive a Jeep, read this thread.

  • High-pitched vibrations & noise at the front (without sway of the steering wheel) OR vibrations & noise from the rear. These increase with speed:

1) Broken wheel bearings : Broken bearings also result in uneven tyre wear for that wheel.

2) Jack up the car, hold both sides of the wheel and try to shake it from side to side to detect play. Do this for both front wheels. If there is play, it could be a broken wheel bearing, suspension strut / control arm or a loose bolt . A ball joint breaking or coming loose will also produce a swaying steering.

3)Defective Linkages : Ask someone to turn the steering from side to side, and observe whether there is any play in the steering linkages. Replace linkages as required.

4)Jack up and rotate each of the wheels and listen for any grating noise and / or vibrations coming from the center of the hub. Replace the wheel bearing as required.